Friday, 30 August 2013

Catherine W Real PA: Attorney in Family Law

Throughout her career, Catherine W Real PA has been a successful and well-respected attorney in family law in the state of Florida. Catherine W Real PA has more than 34 years of experience in the field and continues to contribute greatly to Florida’s judicial system. Catherine W Real PA handles cases that include issues such as divorce, modifications of divorce judgments, paternity actions, relocation actions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and more. Catherine W Real PA’s practice is statewide and has reached all corners of the state of Florida.

Catherine W Real PA is certified by the Supreme Court to work as a family law mediator. Although the vast majority of her family law cases are settled, Catherine W Real PA is also a highly talented and experienced family law trial attorney. This is useful in cases where mediation cannot resolve the case and a trial must be held to determine the outcomes. The firm Catherine W Real PA primarily represents high income clients and clients with significant assets. 

In addition to her devoted work as an attorney, Catherine W Real PA also is a dedicated member to the community and participates in civic engagement. Catherine W Real PA is the founder of two important non-profits, Citizens for Better Courts and Courtwatch, which work to create a better judicial system and advocate for better performance in the Florida courts. Catherine W Real PA has been published for much of her research and teachings, and has also been asked to speak on live broadcasts in the media.
Catherine W Real PA is an experienced leader in the field of family law, and she continues this work today. Catherine W Real PA is well-educated and an advocate for more transparency in the courts, and she plans to continue her work well into the future.