Monday, 9 September 2013

Catherine W Real PA Participates in the Community as a Leader

In addition to her work as a successful family law attorney, Catherine W Real PA has actively participated in the community through many public service organizations. Catherine W Real PA sat on the Board of Directors of the Hyde Park Rotary Club where she worked to help the community. Catherine W Real PA is also a member of the National Conference for Community and Justice. This organization is a non-profit corporation that works for human relations dedicating its time to fight bias, bigotry, and racism in America. Through advocacy, conflict resolution and education, Catherine W Real PA with the National Conference for Community and Justice promotes understanding and respect for all races, religions, and cultures. 

Catherine W Real PA is also the founder of two very important non-profits in the state of Florida. Catherine W Real PA founded Citizens for Better Courts, a non-profit that was created in an effort to promote awareness of the performance of the Courts in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. Catherine W Real PA’s mission is to help citizens of Florida become more educated as they vote for the various judges serving the people of the Tampa Bay area. If the citizens become better educated, they will be able to evaluate the performances of judges in the courts of Florida.

Also, Catherine W Real PA is the founder of Courtwatch, a non-profit organization that works to provide opportunities for the average citizen to observe how domestic violence related criminal and civil cases are handled in the courtrooms. Catherine W Real PA believes this will provide necessary feedback for the courts, prosecutors, and attorneys who defend those accused of these crimes. Catherine W Real PA’s mission is to help sensitize the public in understanding the consequences of violence in the home, especially if it affects children in any case.

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