Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Spring and Catherine W Real PA

With years of experience in family law as an attorney, Catherine W Real PA is very successful in her career. But in addition to her firm and practice, Catherine W Real PA has a passion for public service. As a member of many organizations throughout Florida and the founder of two of her own non-profits, Catherine W Real PA has worked to actively engage herself in the community. Catherine W Real PA considers the world of civic engagement extremely important as it impacts society on a great level. Catherine W Real PA is dedicated to working towards a better tomorrow through advocacy and public education. 

Catherine W Real PA was on the Board of Directors for The Spring, a state certified abuse shelter in Hillsborough County, Florida. Catherine W Real PA found this work extremely rewarding as it gave her the chance to become involved in domestic issues in her community. Catherine W Real PA handles many family law cases and her experience in the courtroom helps her connect with those in The Spring on a greater level. Catherine W Real PA’s understanding of the court system allowed Catherine W Real PA to have been a great asset to the Board of Directors.

In addition to her work with The Spring, Catherine W Real PA has started her own non-profit organizations, Citizens for Better Courts and Courtwatch. Both non-profits work to raise awareness and advocate for public education about the court system in Florida. By engaging the public, Catherine W Real PA believes the courts will function more efficiently and justly. Catherine W Real PA has always been passionate about this issue and continues this work today.

Catherine W Real PA has been recognized for her work in public service by the National Conference for Community and Justice with the Certificate of Appreciation.

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